Firebug: a designer’s dream

I use Firebug frequently to examine the design of my web pages.
I use Firebug frequently to examine the design of my web pages.

I enjoy designing websites. As anyone who has tried designing a website knows, it is sometimes hard to figure out how to make something on your web page move where you want it to. I can often invision where I want an element long before I write the CSS code to put the element in the desired location. Once the code to move something somewhere has been written, usually the element moves as desired, but not always.

I have been using the Firebug addon for Mozilla Firefox for a few months now. It has helped me be more exacting and find errors in my layout code. To use the tool, you right-click on something, and the tool will show the styling that is being applied to that item. I can then see where mistakes lie in my code, or how I could better optimize things. It is also possible to view the area an item is taking up, perfect for those ‘Why is all this white space here’ moments.

When I am working on a web project with other people, sometimes someone will propose a design change. Firebug also allows the user to view what a design change would look like – just add the code in the bottom right box. This is so much easier than opening the actual file, editing it, and then re-uploading for quick demonstrations.

I would strongly recommend the Firebug addon to anyone who does any kind website development work.  If you do not do web stuff, sorry for the uber technical post.  CSS is a programming language used to put stuff in the right place on the page, make it the right size, font, color, etc.  This tool is an amazing way to check the CSS code you have written!

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