Fresh Oil

I was driving home this morning, and passed by some road construction a couple of blocks from my house. As I was about to drive into an area where workers were taring, I saw a sign that said “Fresh Oil”.

The recent gulf oil spill has been in the news alot recently. The media has talked about how oil from the gulf coast might have otherwise ended up in our cars or furnaces, but seldom talks about other uses for oil, such as road tar.

The “Fresh Oil” sign got me thinking. We use oil for virtually everything… plastics, roads, and the list goes on.

Anyway, I stopped back and snapped a couple of pictures of the construction. I can’t wait to drive down the freshly paved France Avenue once they have finished their work!

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  1. Yes, I think people forget how oil is used to make plastics too… people usually think about the end of oil in the context of automobiles, but what will we do when we can’t make plastic?

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