My Minnesota State Fair adventure

Summer is quickly coming to a close. I am ready for school to start up again (except for the whole packing thing), but the end of summer would not be the same without a trip to the Minnesota State Fair.

Second only in size to the Texas State Fair on a national level, the fair is well-run, has interesting attractions, and is well-supported by the community.

This year, I was able to make it to the fair twice, once on the first day (last Thursday), and then again this past Saturday. I spent the first day walking around, attending media broadcasts, checking out exhibits, viewing the animals, and taking in as much of the fair as I could. Nearly every radio/television outlet in the Twin Cities comes to the fair and broadcasts live, making a truly unique opportunity to see how the local media operates, all in one place.

On Saturday, my brother performed in a high school marching band. I attended the fair with my family and uncle to watch him, and see some of the agriculture/horticulture exhibits.

I brought a camera and snapped some pictures on the first day. See them below.

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    1. I was wondering what they were called; thanks for letting me know, Preston. The shots they produce look great, but they do look difficult to operate. The camera guy here spent quite a while practicing. You had a 40 ft one for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition? That’s immense! I’m trying to imagine how you’d fit it in someone’s front yard!

      1. Yeah it was pretty wild. It was counter-weighted with about 500lbs. One cameraman operated the boom/zoom/camera while another sat in the middle in a dark box and manually focused the camera. The other two people (one was me) moved it around and made sure nobody got hit by the huge steel arm.

        I’m not sure if you can see this, but here’s a pretty good picture of it:

  1. I’ll bet AT&T needs to add an extra cell to the fairgrounds just to provide enough radio frequencies for the massive number of people using their phones at the fair.

    1. Probably, especially with smart phones and fair vendors on mobile broadband. I still had trouble making a call at one point. I was amazed it and the other similar (but unmarked) truck both had MN plates. They must use these trucks at events in the area from time to time.

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