Hello, and thanks for visiting tomlany.net! My name is Tom Lany, and I’m a creative journalist, marketer, web developer in Minnesota.

I have lived in Minnesota all of my life, and have always been interested in communication, technology, and the media. From television news to the internet, I think there is a certain excitement in the way people collect and share information. I am equally interested in communication tools, processes, and technology.

My interests lead me to the internet at a young age. I remember playing with the HTML editor bundled with Netscape when I was in elementary school. In middle school, I tried my hand at designing websites with Microsoft Word. Let’s just say, I wouldn’t use Word to design a website ever again, but it was part of a learning process. On my 16th birthday, I didn’t get my driver’s license, but I did register tomlany.net and this site was born.

Today, I manage a growing number of websites, write stories, perform radio jingles, and enjoy having good conversations with people about pretty much anything and everything.

Want to get in touch? I’d love to hear from you!