HDHomeRun offers high-quality TV on your computer once it’s setup

I recently bought Silicon Dust’s HDHomeRun. This nifty little device has two television tuners in it and streams the live content over a computer network, allowing one to watch live television programming on their computer.  It’s awesome. The fact that the unit features two tuners means that two computers on the network can stream shows […]

Area radio towers

I have always been fascinated by radio towers.  While some people hardly pay attention to them, I like radio, and it is interesting to me to see where the signals are coming from.  The FCC maintains an extensive database of records relating to what radio towers do.  The amount of data available is amazing.  The […]

White House Marine

I was recently on the White House website. I was interested in taking a look after I heard that they recently switched the backend to Drupal. It was a great endorsement for the open source community. The other thing I like about the site is the amount of video it features. I was actually a […]