NOAA Weather Grabber

A (not current) example of how you could include weather on your website.

Looking to include current weather conditions on your website?

NOAA Weather Grabber, a PHP script I heavily modified, picks up the current weather condition, temperature, and the name of a corresponding condition image from the National Weather Service and makes the data available for use in your PHP script/website. A built-in caching mechanism saves the results to a JSON file.

Download on GitHub


Do you need to convert text to HTML, but lack an effective content management system to do this work for you? Enter Formatify. Just paste your text and Formatify will return HTML.

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Use the Attachment Image!

Use the Attachment Image! is a WordPress plugin that allows the first attachment image associated with a post to be used in different locations throughout a blog. It’s a perfect compliment for magazine themes.

This plugin can include images of nearly any size, simply by using the included <?php use_the_attachment_image(); ?> function.

See an example of the plugin in use

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Remove Wordpress to WordPress filter

In WordPress 3.0 and later, a default filter changes all instances of “Wordpress” (note the small “p”) in posts, titles, and comments to “WordPress”. For various reasons, such as preserving spelling in existing posts and comments, a blog owner may want to turn this filter off. That is what this WordPress plugin does.

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