NOAA Weather Grabber

A (not current) example of how you could include weather on your website.

Looking to include current weather conditions on your website?

NOAA Weather Grabber, a PHP script I heavily modified, picks up the current weather condition, temperature, and the name of a corresponding condition image from the National Weather Service and makes the data available for use in your PHP script/website. A built-in caching mechanism saves the results to a JSON file.

Download on GitHub

Use the Attachment Image!

Use the Attachment Image! is a WordPress plugin that allows the first attachment image associated with a post to be used in different locations throughout a blog. It’s a perfect compliment for magazine themes.

This plugin can include images of nearly any size, simply by using the included <?php use_the_attachment_image(); ?> function.

See an example of the plugin in use

Download on

Remove Wordpress to WordPress filter

In WordPress 3.0 and later, a default filter changes all instances of “Wordpress” (note the small “p”) in posts, titles, and comments to “WordPress”. For various reasons, such as preserving spelling in existing posts and comments, a blog owner may want to turn this filter off. That is what this WordPress plugin does.

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